About Us:

"Cloroy Park" is run by Emily Stirling and Grandfather of Emily, Geoff Closter. Geoff sat Emily on a pony at a carnival at the age of 5 and the rest is history. What started off as one pony and a paddock, has now progressed to a fully functioning equestrian centre, breeding program and team of performance horses. Geoff has supported Emily's passion of showjumping in every aspect, and has helped in the creation of Cloroy Park, enabling it to continue to grow. Geoff has been and continues to be a huge influence in Emily's life and "Cloroy Park". 
Emily's history like many others began on a pony attending pony club. At the age of 12 she started competing in showjumping. Emily, now a full time rider and coach has trained with accomplished national and international riders. In 2017, Emily spent some time in Europe, riding and competing. Most recently, Emily featured on Channel 7 TV series "Jump Off".

In 2019 Emily successfully won Jumping Young Rider Of The Year

Emily has successfully produced students from beginners to competitive riders. She has a passion for coaching and takes pride in helping others to achieve their goals. Alongside competing her team of show jumpers and coaching, Emily is now also focusing on the breeding of quality warmbloods for the future and each year will have a small amount of well bred young horses for sale. 

What makes "Cloroy Park" so special is partly due to the hundreds of roses the property is lined in, as well as all the immaculate gardens that are throughout the property.

 "Cloroy Park" consists of:

  • 6 large sand yards with shelters
  • 13 large size paddocks with shelters
  • 2 extra large spelling paddocks 
  • Large mare and foal paddock
  • 4 indoor stables
  • Tack/feed room
  • Hay & sawdust sheds
  • Cross ties
  • Wash bay
  • 3 undercover day yards
  • Undercover truck parking
  • Round Yard
  • 35x60 arena with a full set of showjumping equipment and lights
  • Horse Gym Treadmill
  • Equine Solarium
  • Horse vet crush

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